About Course

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Scrum methodology and Agile principles.

The course covers the basics of Scrum, including its framework, roles, artifacts, and events.

The course also provides practical guidance on product backlog management, sprint management, and the roles of the Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Participants will learn how to apply Scrum in real-world scenarios and use cases.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand Scrum methodology and Agile principles
  • Learn how to apply Scrum in real-world scenarios
  • Develop skills in product backlog management, sprint management, and the roles of the Scrum Master and Product Owner
  • Gain practical experience through real-world use cases
  • Become a certified Scrum Master after completing the course and passing the exam.

Course Content

Introduction to SCRUM
Scrum history and principles Scrum framework and methodology Agile methodology and its benefits Differences between Agile and Waterfall

Scrum Roles
Scrum Team roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner, Development Team Responsibilities and expectations of each role How to establish an effective Scrum team

Scrum Artifacts
Product Backlog Sprint Backlog Definition of Done Increment

Scrum Events
Sprint: Purpose and benefits Sprint Planning: Goals and activities Daily Scrum: Structure and goals Sprint Review: Purpose and structure Sprint Retrospective: Purpose and goals

Scrum Terminology
Scrum terminology and concepts How to create effective product backlog items How to conduct effective sprint planning

User Stories
What are user stories and how to write them INVEST criteria for user stories User story Estimation Techniques Story mapping

Scrum Metrics
Scrum metrics for measuring performance Velocity and Burn Up & Burn Down charts Release planning using velocity

Scrum Master Tools
Scrum Master tools for facilitating team processes Facilitation techniques for Scrum ceremonies Conflict resolution techniques Basic training on JIRA tool. Hands on project using JIRA tool.

Scrum Implementation
How to implement Scrum in an organization Scaling Scrum for large projects Challenges in implementing Scrum

Real-world Use Cases
Real-world use cases for Scrum implementation in various industries such as software development, manufacturing, and healthcare Case studies and best practices for successful Scrum implementation

Mock Certification Exam and Workshops
Practice exam questions to prepare for Scrum Master certification Workshops for hands-on learning and practical application of Scrum concepts

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